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Our events such as gradings, seminars and external non TSA run tournaments also run through out the year and are communicated to our members.

Please Click here to download the invitation for our Taekwon-Do South Africa Invitational Championships.

Dear Instructors and members,
I hope you are all well. We are excited to host you all at our tournament. It is turning out to be far more entries than we had originally anticipated. This is a great sign.
Please find the attached tournament rules for this event click here for the pdf booklet. Please read through carefully as there may be some differences per organisation and there are some minor updates as well.
For our next TSA Champs tournament we will go back to our regular large indoor stadium format. For this one we are implementing two halls at Marks Park Sports Club and only the competitors, officials, floor assistants and VIP's will be inside. The venues allow for spectators to view through the glass sliding doors running the length of the venues. The rows of chairs directly in front of the sliding doors will be for the direct family of the competitors competing at that time.
The large hall 1 (Vumani Hall) also has a large covered outside area for spectators. The slightly smaller hall 2 (Pavilion Hall) is not covered outside but will allow direct family spectators of the competitors competing at the time inside if it rains for instance. (If inside, masks are to be worn as per government mandate.)
This venue was chosen with the 5th wave of Covid in mind. It will allow people to be outside and view comfortably. We will also be giving general time slots for the divisions so competitors can arrive around the suggested times, as to not overload the viewing areas. We won’t be having an official opening ceremony for this year.
There will be chairs available but feel free to bring camping chairs if preferring to sit in the beautiful grass area between the two halls while waiting.
Competing competitors on the floor will have the option to wear or not wear a mask. Officials will wear masks inside. The centre referee will also have the option to wear or not wear a mask because of the vigorous nature of refereeing as well as being needed to be heard clearly. This will be entirely their decision.
Food, snacks and refreshments will also be available from the tuck shop at Hall 1. A restaurant deck is also available near Hall 2 if one prefers to sit and eat. The tuckshop at hall 1 will be the main refreshement station for the event. We will also have finger foods and water bottles set up in the halls for the officials to eat though out the day.
Please dress warmly as it is mainly outside and we can’t predict the weather but hope for a typically pleasant May day. Please can competitors also leave their bags and equipment in their cars/ busses until needed, where possible.
We look forward to seeing you all for a great day.
Yours in Taekwon-Do
Norman Magua VII Dan
Tournament Director
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